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Live and let yourself be carried away by ideas, desires and thoughts. Surround yourself with what you like most, modify your atmosphere, do not limit yourself to the same scenarios and breathe new air.


Live and let yourself be carried away by ideas, desires and thoughts. Surround yourself with what you like most, modify your atmosphere, do not limit yourself to the same scenarios and breathe new air.

Pursue your goals, move on, challenge yourself daily by carrying the essence of who you are, where you came from and where you want to go. Dare the new, discover diversities of colors, feelings and possibilities. Open new paths, explore limits by enjoying the little details. Lie down in a pleasant place and allow yourself to be carried by the current, feeling the wind hit your face, the Sun warm your skin.

To live is to surrender to the movement, to the simplicity, to the comfort of the surroundings.

What we do?

Each piece Canoa starts at the tip of a pencil, with an idea and a sketch. After design approval, it is virtually molded in 3D for a better evaluation of aesthetics, structure and ergonomics, and from it, runs the first prototype where a modeling artist or a machining center turns the drawing into reality.

New tests of ergonomics, resistance and visual analysis of the product are carried out in the prototype. In this process it is almost always necessary to repeat the steps countless times until the level of excellence of the part is reached.

When the desired result of the prototype is reached, the production tool is made, that is, the mold, which is the negative of the model produced in fiberglass and structured with metals. With the mold finished and passed by the quality inspection, whose warpage tolerance is zero, the production begins.


Canoa has been in the luxury furniture market for 8 years, and since then the quality and finishing parameters are extremely strict. In the structure the quality standard is 2 mm per meter.

As for the finishing, the best funds and paints of the market are used, with UV protection and great resistance to accidental beating and to the outside conditions. In addition to using the best materials, our entire process is done manually by specialized people with precision tools and quality control.

One piece takes on average 20 days to be manufactured from the order placed and we can produce several pieces simultaneously. All parts of the Canoe are designed and manufactured to withstand a greater weight than its function grants it.

Outdoor Furniture

 Each of our pieces is produced with nautical materials, the same used in boats, jet skis, blades of wind generators and some airplanes. We use high quality paint, with ultraviolet protection to resist the sun, bad weather and water, so that the parts can be exposed without worries.

The mechanical resistance is calculated in order to offer a great weight ratio, so that everyone can enjoy the comfort and elegance that only Canoa parts can offer!

Sustainable Process

We use recycled resin from PET bottles, much of the fabric (fiberglass) we use, come from the reuse of industrial leftovers from the wind power blade manufacturing process.

The region in which Canoa is located is very strong in the production of generator blades and as we are licensed by the Environmental Agency (CETESB), we are allowed to receive this material.

The little spare part of our process is destined to companies that make the recollection of residues, certified by the competent organ.


Summer Bistro Table

May 13, 2019

Dinning Table Amazonas

March 28, 2019

Luna Coffee Table

March 28, 2019

Side Table São Paulo

March 28, 2019

Dinning Column São Paulo

March 28, 2019

Side Table Brasília

March 28, 2019

Dinning Column Brasília

March 28, 2019

High Stool Swell

March 28, 2019

High Stool Moai

March 28, 2019

Panton Chair

March 28, 2019

Armchair Soft

March 28, 2019

Maya Stool

March 28, 2019

Bistro Table Summer

March 28, 2019

Ayala Stool

March 28, 2019

Chaise Long Swell

March 28, 2019


All the production of Canoa parts is made by talented artisans, trained by the brand itself to meet the demand of the luxury market. Specializing in fiberglass, professionals produce durable, high quality, impeccably finished pieces, giving products unique details.


Antonio Ferreira St 62, Campolim Park
Sorocaba City in São Paulo State
Brazil - Zip Code 18047-636